Newport Beach Appliance Repair

Welcome to the best appliance repair company in Newport Beach – Appliance Repair Newport Beach CA. The company boasts a high reputation and popularity among its customers the main reason for which is our customer-oriented principles. Appliance Repair Huntington Beach CA offers its customers a number of services which include the following:

• Diagnosis
• Troubleshooting
• Same-day service
• High-quality repair realized by certified technicians
• Factory genuine replacement parts provision
• 30-day trial period
• Affordable prices
• 24/7 availability
Our highly-qualified technicians with more than 15 years of experience will be at your place at the appointed time and will solve all your appliance malfunctions. Call us now get the best appliance repair service that is out there!

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Appliance Repair Newport Beach CA provides repair on the following major home appliances:
• Refrigerators
• Washers
• Dishwashers
• Ovens
• Stoves
• Dryers
• Microwave Ovens
• Freezers

Appliance Repair Costs are derived from the industry standard Appliance Blue Book” or MASNPG. MASNPG is based on national average flat rate pricing.

The job cost is right there in the guide.

Refrigerator Repair: If your refrigerator is malfunctioning and needs repair then all you need to do is call us right away at (714) 698-88-73 or schedule a service online and the skillful technicians of Appliance Repair Newport Beach will be at your place in no time and will provide a fast and high-quality repair of your refrigerator.
Refrigerators might have such malfunctions as:
• Problems with turning on
• Food cooling is done badly
• Leaking
These problems are unavoidable especially if you have not followed the maintenance rules and have been careless with your refrigerator. Together with being unavoidable, they are still solvable. That’s why our company is here – to solve all your kitchen appliance issues.

Washer Repair: Washing machines are very “delicate” pieces of your kitchen appliance collection and will require cleaning, care and maintenance. The most common malfunctions that washers might have are the following:
• Not turning on
• Not spinning
• Not heating
• Draining problems
• Bad smells
• Noisiness
• Issues with the dispenser
If you have stumbled into any of these or other washer problems then it’s high time to call us at (714) 698-88-73 or schedule a service online and let our experienced technicians do their job.

Dishwasher Repair: Here is another “delicate” kitchen appliance. Dishwashers might release you from a lot of painstaking tasks but they are not safe from failing as well. If your dishwasher has started performing badly, is not filling water, or fills too much water, is not draining, leaks and does not wash your dishes properly then that’s it – you will need a repair.
Let Appliance Repair Newport Beach’s technicians do that repair for you with high-quality and affordable prices. Our experienced staff will charge you very affordable prices and as a proof of our classy service we will give you a 30-day trial period (on all repairs). Call us now at (714) 698-88-73 or schedule a service online and get your dishwasher repaired in no time!

Oven Repair: The most common problems that you might have to face with ovens are as follows:
• Not switching on
• Inaccurateness of temperature
• Light issues
• Uneven baking
• Problems with the broiler and the fan
However, these malfunctions are solvable and all that it takes is to call us right away at (714) 698-88-73 or schedule a service online and our skillful techs will come to your help and will repair your oven with high-quality. No matter what type of oven you are using as well as regardless of the brand it belongs to, our technicians that are regularly being trained on the innovations of all brands will fix all your oven problems.

Stove Repair: Being an inseparable part of any kitchen as well as being utilized very often stoves are prone to breaking down and malfunctioning as well. They might not switch on, or the burners might have lighting problems. Other issues include not heating, constant stove burner sparks, spark ignition system malfunctions, etc.
If you have an of the above-mentioned issues with your stoves then all you need to do is call us at (714) 698-88-73 or schedule a service online and our experienced techs will provide you with a fast and high-quality repair at the same time charging very affordable prices. No matter you are using a gas stove, an electric coil cooktop, an electric smooth top, an induction cooktop or a modular cooktop, the technicians of Appliance Repair Newport Beach will be able to solve all the malfunctions and issues connected with them.

Dryer Repair: Are you facing dryer malfunctions? Fed up with your dryer not heating, performing noisily, giving out wrinkled clothes? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then it is high time to apply for the services of Appliance Repair Newport Beach by calling us at (714) 698-88-73 or schedule a service online pr scheduling a service online. As soon as you do this and make an appointment with our technician, he will be at your place at the needed time fixing your dryer issues.
Our techs are equipped with factory genuine appliance replacement parts and will be able to do a replacement of any broken part of your dryer or any other appliance without you having to make a second appointment for that. Choose the high-quality and affordable prices with Appliance Repair Newport Beach.

Microwave Oven Repair: Regardless of the type of your microwave oven, be it countertop, drawer style, built-in or any other kind, if it is having malfunctions, then all you need to do is call us right away at (714) 698-88-73 or schedule a service online and let our highly qualified techs take the job of repairing it. The later smooth performance of your microwave is guaranteed and will be proven during the 30-day trial period.
The most common microwave malfunctions are:
• Turntable problems
• Sparks inside the microwave
• Not proper heating
• Noisiness
• Bad cooking quality
With Appliance Repair Newport Beach all these problems are solvable. Choose a full package of high-quality and affordable prices combined in one place.

Freezer Repair: Freezers are also not secured from failing after long use or because of bad maintenance preservation. They might have such problems as being too much cold or warm, performing noisily, demanding defrosting too often, and the like. However, these problems will be solved with the certified and experienced technicians of Appliance Repair Newport Beach.
When facing any of the mentioned problems or any other kind of malfunctioning with your freezer then don’t wait to call us right away at (714) 698-88-73 or schedule a service online and let our techs fix your freezer issues in no time! Besides providing you with high-quality repair, they are also willing to give you some handy tips on how to care for your freezer properly hence lengthening its life.
Appliance Repair Newport Beach does care for its customers. Our services pay you back!